Throughout our travels, we found the best way to discover various cultures is by being open to what the local cuisine has to offer. However, nothing compares to the taste of your own homemade food.

We all love cooking and everybody has their own “specials”, but everybody in our family agrees that it’s nearly impossible to match Nijole, your host at Domi Lini. She has picked up many cooking tips and skills from her grandmother and mother, whose culinary books she still uses as a source of inspiration. Nijole is a proud grandmother herself, as her granddaughter Ruta is such a keen learner and is picking up all the cooking knowledge.

Although Domi Lini apartment complex does not have a restaurant and guests have access to their own kitchens, it’s always worth enquiring what Nijole brought from farmers’ market that morning, and what she is cooking today. It may as well turn into the best part of staying at Domi Lini, you never know!


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