If you look at our apartments, the first thing you will notice is the home textiles that adorn the bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms. This textile is linen, our absolute love and fabric of our daily lives. It is not coincidental; Inga Lukauskiene, our daughter-in-law, is a founder and chief designer of LinenMe, a Lithuanian linen brand.

Domi Lini, translated from Latin means “linen at home”, is a great space to showcase what three generations of Inga’s family have achieved in flax production and design.

So we hope you like the touch and the feel of somewhat rugged linen look; as staying at Domi Lini you will be surrounded by textiles made from linen fabric – stone washed bed linen, huckaback towels, beach towels, linen curtains, linen tablecloths and napkins. Even the sauna hats!

Lithuania has long traditions of growing flax, weaving linen fabric and stunning hand hemstitching. Explore Lithuania first hand at Domi Lini, through linen.