Domi Lini has 6 apartments to offer. They carry the names of the stories Domi Lini owners would like to tell you: French Story, Italian Story, American Story, Japanese Story, German Story and British Story. Check out, which one you want to choose. Contact us to book it.

  • German Story
    50 EUR

    German Story

    The first international trade show that Domi Lini owners brought their linen textiles to was Heimtextil  in Frankfurt, Germany. LinenMe home textiles you will find in this apartment could be found also in many homes of Berlin, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf. […]

  • British Story
    75 EUR

    British Story

    Our family lived in a small Surrey town Woking located about 30 miles south west from London for 3 years. It all started from here, where the owners of Domi Lini started selling linen home textiles under LinenMe brand name. […]

  • French Story
    90 EUR

    French Story

    This is the country where Domi Lini and LinenMe owners started the brand’s international journey by exhibiting at the international trade show Maison&Objet in Paris back in 2008. From then on linen decor details that you will find in this […]

  • Italian Story
    90 EUR

    Italian Story

    Owners of Domi Lini are in love with Italy. Italian art, architecture, landscape and style served as inspiration for linen home textiles you will find in this apartment. The muse city of LinenMe, without a doubt, is Rome. One of […]

  • Japanese Story
    90 EUR

    Japanese Story

    Japan is where Lithuanian linen is appreciated and loved most. Domi Lini owners work with clients in Tokyo and Kobe. Linen home textiles you will find in this apartment can also be found in famous Isetan Shinjuku department stores, as […]

  • American Story
    90 EUR

    American Story

    Linen textiles you will find in this apartment can also be found on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Domi Lini owners opened Lithuanian linen LinenMe showroom in the world famous design centre Merchandise Mart Plaza in Chicago back […]


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