The first tennis courts were open in Druskininkai back in the 19th century. The tradition is continued by Druskininkai Tennis Club, which has 60 members. The club is located at  Turistu 3, Druskininkai (next to the lake Druskonis, which is 1.5 km walk from Domi Lini). It has 3 red clay courts and you could rent it for 10-13 EUR per hour. Clay courts slow down the ball and produce a high bounce in comparison to grass courts or hard courts, which takes away advantage of big serves and makes it hard for serve-based pros to dominate.

Tennis is dynamic sport growing its popularity every year. It helps to develop stamina, reaction, imagination. It has been scientifically proved that playing tennis at least three hours a week your body actively fills with oxygen , which reduces early death risk twice.


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